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- fra krenkelse til håp



POLITI - 02800

Barnevernvakta - 95 05 92 17

Overgrepsmottaket - 47 46 21 00

Alarmtlf barn/unge - 116 111

Døgnåpen telefon 69 25 05 50 - ring oss i tide!

Are you a woman and need someone to talk to?


Maybe you need someone who can listen, and someone you could talk to in the midst of a difficult situation?

Many believe they are not eligible to seek out a women's shelter before they have a black eye to show off. We are here for you who are experiencing all types of violence. However, we define psychological violence that women are exposed to, just as severe and oppressive. Women are mentally abused by mentally harassment, extreme controlling of behavior and economy, isolation and systematic degradation of women's self-confidence.

Violence against you and your children should not be accepted!

The Woman's shelter in Moss will be a support for those who want to get out of relationships where you and possible your children are exposed to violence.

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